About CDR Construction

CDR Construction was founded by Lee Reifsteck in 1987 with the concept of bringing excellent craftsmanship throughout the design and building process. At the time, Lee was a supervisor for a residential construction company that was building 15 to 20 homes a year and constantly had to point out below par craftsmanship. One particular subcontractor's employee was wearing a T-shirt with the word Quality in red across the company name. That's when it occurred to Lee that people use the word "quality" too casually and perhaps they don't know the proper definition.

My market nitch

My specialty is designing and (or) building truly custom homes. I do no homes on speculation, no model homes, every home is built to fit the homeowners personal needs and desires. I am personally involved with each client from start to finish, making sure each homeowner is getting exactly want they want. You can be sure that you and your new home will get the personal attention to detail that it deserves.

The "BONES" of your home

The most important part of your home you will never see, the foundation and the framing. This is where CDR Construction stands out and makes the most important differences in the quality of your home. I design not only for down loads, such as materials, snow, furniture, and people, I also design for up loads that are created from strong winds. My standard framing includes 2x10 #1 southern yellow pine floor joist, 2x6 exterior wall with 3/4" CDX plywood sheathing. 2X8 #1 Southern yellow pine rafters and ceiling joist @ 16" on center with 5/8" roof decking.



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